• How many revisions do I get?

    In order to keep within your timeline, you are given 3 complimentary revisions with your invitation package.

  • What are design revisions?

    Design revisions are small changes you'd like to make to your design after providing feedback after your design is presented to you.

    You will have the opportunity to make any major design changes needed once you recieve your sketch to make sure the final design is aligned with your vision.

    From here, you will have 3 opportunities in the form of "design rounds" to fine tune the final design before it goes to print. This includes small changes to the design that don't require a redesign.

  • How long does custom design take?

    On average, the design portion takes approximately 1 month followed by an additional 1 month of production. Therefore booking 6+ months before your event is needed.

  • When should I mail my invitations?

    8-12 weeks before your event is the sweet spot! This means your invitations will need to be completed: - 2 months before your event if I am mailing straight to your guests. (I mail to guest). - 3 months before your event if I am shipping the invitations to you. (You mail to guests).

  • When should I mail my Save the Dates?

    6 months before the big day! Booking 8+ months before your event is recommended.

  • When will I see my design?

    After you fill out the DESIGN + INFO forms, you will receive a custom Look Book with a preliminary concept sketch within 10 business days. Once, it has your seal of approval the design work will begin. You will receive a digital mockup of your design with 10 business days of your Look Book approval.

  • What will I get?

    Your invitations will come stuffed in the envelopes, with the RSVP postage placed and unsealed. As a complimentary service. If additional items such as wax seals and ribbon are added to your suite package, assembly will also be included.

  • Do you curate postage?

    Yes, we will find the perfect postage to complement the aesthetic of your suite at an additional service fee. If you are mailing your suites to your guests, you will need to receive a quote from USPS to purchase the appropriate amount of postage.

  • Will you mail my invitations to my guests for me?

    We do not offer mailing services for at this time. Please plan your invitation order accordingly so you can mail your invitations to your guests by your desired send date.

  • Can I make changes to my proposal throughout the process?

    Sure, can! Keep in mind that quantities for designed pieces cannot be lowered by more than a quantity of 25. Quantities will be finalized upon the final design approval, right before being sent to production.