When it comes to custom invitations one of the most common questions I get is “why do invitations cost so much money?”.  A lot of brides use Etsy as a price point reference when they come up with pricing expectations for wedding invitations. While Etsy is an amazing platform to find beautiful invitations, a lot of the work is priced to attract DIY brides or those who value bargain hunting over investing in custom pieces. These brides often view invitations as just paper. Therefore they value more of a transactional click and ship rather than a custom design experience. These brides value ‘bang for the buck’ rather than investing in what is the first impression to your wedding guests. So, are you going to make it bland with flimsy cream paper and a white envelope or are we going to make your guests' jaws dropping when they open their envelope and see bold color and your wedding monogram?

Here is breakdown of what goes into the cost of custom invitations.

The design fee is the biggest factor when it comes to the overall cost of custom stationery. Think of this as the ‘working with Kat’ fee. This is the bare minimum I charge to work with me. Now you might be thinking -- “damn, girl that’s  a lot of coin and what exactly is a design fee?”.   

This fee isn’t just something we stationers charge without reason. I understand why this might be confusing for brides so here is a breakdown of what this fee includes:

    • Onboarding
    • Creating your custom look book
    • Time for revisions and creating mockup proofs
    • Creating customized project timelines
    • Collecting the necessary information for your suite
    • Ongoing education to learn new skills to better serve you
    • Extracting your wedding aesthetic into a cohesive design

Envelope liners, envelopes, cardstock, belly bands, wax seals, silk ribbon -- these are a few of my favorite things to give my brides’ invitations the Glow Up treatment. Besides the cost for the items themselves, shipping of the products to the studio is also factored in.

This might blow your mind but about 1/3 of the cost of each invitation project goes into paying quarterly taxes. Administrative and design tools that I use on a daily basis  are part of my monthly / annual business expenses. For example, my Adobe cloud apps are used daily for design.  Business expenses and invoices are stored on a paid platform. My client management system comes at a monthly cost. You get the idea. These are the nonnegotiable tools needed to keep my business running and continue to serve my awesome brides.

Each and every custom client receives an abundance of valuable resources to help guide them throughout their wedding journey. An educated bride is the best type of bride and it is my job to provide the tools necessary for them to get the most out of their custom wedding experience. 
  • Expertise : 
    • designing files in the correct size, color mode and format
    • providing wording guidance for invitations
    • creating design direction
    • setting up files for print
    • knowing which vendors to source materials from
  • Value:
    • answering your questions before you’ve asked them because i’ve already anticipated what my brides are wondering
    • creating an experience where my brides can easily navigate the process without overwhelm
    • investing in a client management system that keeps all of your project forms and messages in one password protected place

Do you get all of these things when buying from Etsy or do you just get what’s pictured and that’s the end of it?  Custom stationery is right for you if you value having something that is completely one of a kind that nobody else in the cosmos will ever get. It’s also right for you if do you see that 5 x 7 rectangle is not just a piece of paper but a canvas to capture your personality and pack your personality into an envelope (let’s throw some glitter in there!). 

Does this sound like you? I’d love to be part of your wedding day. Be sure to fill out this form at least six months before your wedding so we can get started with creating your custom wedding invitation suite. 


If you're an introverted bride (introverted creative over here), don't worry! Most stationer's require a consultation before booking and I DON'T. Honestly it can be so exhausting having to have a lengthy conversation with a vendor just to find how how much something is. Not here. Simply fill out the form and i'll get a proposal over to you and we'll go from there, Of course, if you do prefer a chat before hand, let's set up a virtual chat with some wine!

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