Here’s my sophisticated description: it’s  the thing that gets your wedding guests booties to your wedding ceremony! But, have you ever heard the term wedding invitation suite and wonder what the heck makes a suite a suite? Well it could mean a lot of things depending on what you want out of your wedding stationery. A suite for one bride could be the standard invitation card, rsvp card and details card paired with the main envelope and rsvp envelope. For another bride this could be a full blown ‘sky is the limit’ wedding detail where additional insert cards are needed and wax seals are sealing every addressed envelope. 

So let’s break down all of the stationery pieces so you can decide what you want your wedding suite to look like!



This is the star of the show and also non-negotiable. But you get to decide how playful you want the invitations to be and you can choose to go the totally less formal route (our favorite way to do things around here!). Here are the key elements that make up the invitation card

HOSTS  Traditionally this would be the families of the wedding couple. However, more and more couples are choosing to take on the role of both host and celebrant, so if that sounds like you, this line can be left out.

NAMES   Do you remember that show on Nickelodeon, Taina (ahhh, early 2000’s nostalgia)? “Know I can’t wait to see my name is lights…” Well, that’s the approach I take when it comes to featuring your names on the invitations! Weather it’s an ombre color combo, or making your names the main design feature of the invitation card, we make it fun! It’s also your call when it comes to just having your first names or your first, middle and last. Emily Post (invitation etiquette queen for traditional brides) may judge you but nobody else will!

WEDDING DATE  We can spell out word for word or take a more minimal approach with numbers only (more room for design fun!).

WEDDING TIME  Again, spell it all out or numeric.

WEDDING LOCATION This refers to the wedding ceremony only. If your wedding reception is going to be in a different location, leave this for the details card. Just include the name of the venue, city + state. Leave out the zip code -- that’s one rule i’ll always stick by.

ATTIRE  Having a pastel rainbow affair or themed wedding? This is the perfect thing to include on the invitation! Of course this is optional.

RECEPTION INFORMATION  Optional and simple. “Reception to follow” at the bottom of the invitation will do.


WARNING  Avoid putting “adults only affair”. While I am all about rule breaking, I’m also all about educating my clients and this is a sure fire way piss off some wedding guests  because it comes off as being rude. So Instead omit the children’s names on the addressed envelope and only include the parents names they should indicate that only the parents are invited.


This is the only other item that is non-negotiable because you need to know if it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Highly discourage online RSVPs (future blog post to follow about this). 

PRO TIP have the postage on the RSVP envelope already please pass that cost onto your wedding guests.

RSVP DATE  Check out our blog post here to see how to pick your date.

SIGNATURE LINE   You know that line with the scribbly “M” -- yep, this!

YES / NO    #dontbeboring. I’ll help you come up with fun wording!

NUMBER OF SEATS RESERVED    (Optional) Strongly recommend this if you don’t want any family drama or RSVP confusion. This lets the intended guest know if they have a plus one or not and is a perfect solution for skipping awkward conversations with wedding guests about who is and who is not invited. I offer this as an upgrade to my custom invitation clients. I call it “PITA Avoidance Insurance”.

RSVP NUMBERING (Optional)  Believe it or not some people forget to sign their names on the RSVP card. I take an invisible ink marker and mark the back of the RSVP card for my clients and match it upTo their guest list which also has numbers next to each guest. That way if someone forgets to sign, I can just take the black light, look at the number on the back and match it to the guest list.  Now we know who the RSVP card is for! This is another optional service that I offer to my brides.

MEAL CHOICES  Vegetarian, vegan, land, sea, tacos and tequila, oh, my!


This is like the wild card of the wedding suite.  You can also have multiple details cards or wedding inserts depending on how many wedding activities you have planned. Each card should have it’s own topic.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Have a hotel block reserved? Let them know!

RECEPTION INFO Only need it if the reception is in a different location from the ceremony

WEDDING WEBSITE  Drop the link here!




This should be the first card that just yet to make sure they mark their calendars for your wedding date as soon as you know your venue they should be sent out and they’re typically sent out six months before your wedding date however some couples choose not to send these out at all so it’s up to you



CITY + STATE (Remember, no zip codes) 


These optional invitation suite finishes really do elevate the overall look and storytelling of your wedding invitations suite. Add a wax seal with a pop of color or your monogram. Another favorite is adding silk ribbon to tie all of the wedding suite pieces together. Some brides even choose to have a vellum overlay Over their invitation as an extra layer of detail or they’ll even do a villain wrap over the entire suite and seal it with wax seal. My personal favorite is stuffing addressed envelopes with glitter or confetti! #ExtraAF!


Now, you can swipe left or right and see which pieces are right for you! Here’s a helpful guide all about WHEN TO SEND YOUR WEDDING INVITATIONS, so don’t forget to check that blog post out.

Wanna talk about what pieces would be right for you? E-mail me over at info@paperlovespell.com so we can talk! If you already know what you’re looking for, let’s get started with your custom wedding invitation suite by filling out this contact form.

Have a question? Drop a comment below and I promise to help you out!


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